NLPC MINUTES for 8th November 2017

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  1. Leo Verhaag says:

    Re School crossing.
    I really cannot see that double yellow lines would solve this problem. If the matter is not policed then it won’t change anything. It already is an offence under current law to park on a bend, yet people do because they know there are no repercussions (the police isn’t interested). Seems to me a better approach might be to educate the offenders, by parents or school reps speaking to them.
    Secondly, yellow lines are unattractive and I feel incongruous with a traditional village setting – red tarmac surely looks far more attractive. What with funding available isn’t that the obvious one to go for? I would urge Councillors to consider this before the funding is withdrawn.
    On a different tack, isn’t it the case that any parked vehicles will have the effect of slowing down the traffic. That surely is a desirable thing or have I missed something here?

    • northlophampc says:

      RE: School crossing

      I believe there have been numerous attempts to speak to parents about parking sensibly on this bend and it is unlikely that we will be able to persuade the Police to monitor. Yellow lines are not an option and that has been confirmed by the NCC. We are due to discuss the kerb lowering with red tarmac and the funding of the same at the January meeting.

  2. Dave Hammond says:

    Re: Letter from Cranswick.
    I understand a reply has been received from Cranswick which confirms a new road will be built but they have problems with land purchase. The P.C. can only be interested with the new route & an early sight of plans would be highly desireable. The route as I understand will take lorries from Crown to the Lopham Road south of Heath Road. What happens then? Turning left would bring more lorries into our village or right down to the Kenninghall School juncion with the inherent dangers that will bring. This cannot be acceptable. Lorries should travel accross the Lop. Rd via a mini roundabout into the Bio Mass then out onto the Garboldisham Road which is sparsely populated compared to N.Lopham. To sum up, an early sight of plans is really paramount as I am not sure Kenninghall P.C. would involve us in future discussions.

    • northlophampc says:

      Dear Dave

      Thank you for your continuing interest in this point. I will ensure that your email is passed to the Chair and that the matter is on the agenda for January 2018.

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