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  1. Rob Gerrett says:

    With reference to item 5 – Nov 2016 minutes – I and my neighbours at Florence cottage totally agree with Mr Verhaag comments that the provision of white gates at both ends of the village can only assist in identifying the village limits, and in doing so, provide an additional visual feature in an attempt to reduce the number of speeding drivers that have total disregard for the legal speed limit. Surely, with the lack of police input and without the luxury of a SAM sign at this north end of the village, that any visual deterrent, particularly one that involves minimal outlay and maintenance, is worthy of further consideration. Rob Gerrett ( 6, The Green ).

  2. Leo Verhaag says:

    Thank you for your reply. The reason why NLPC rejected white gates or other speed reduction options was lack of funding. However that meeting also suggested that funding might be available this year if application is made in time for when budgets are set.
    Hence my reminder that an application ought to be made. There are very strong feelings generally by residents about speeding so it ought to be something that NLPC ought to support.
    From memeory application for funding should be made now so it would be good if application was made now rather than wait till the September meeting. (tempus fugit)

    • northlophampc says:

      At the Meeting on the 14th September 2016 the PC voted regarding white gates and unanimously opposed them. Re the partnership scheme the paperwork has to be in by December. I cannot make any application without approval from the Parish Council.

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