1. Mrs J lewis says:

    I could not believe what I have just read in your July news letter. Goes with the territory flies and pig stench what hog wash excuse the pun. Moving from a farming village in Essex also with a pig farm I may add never was there a problem like this.
    Was the other Mr. Nunn in the meeting about this problem, because he shouldn’t have been according to my husband who was a parish councillor in our previous village?
    You all know what goes on at that farm and unfortunately for the pigs know one will speak up I appreciate that your jobs could be on the line but surely your consciences should prevail!!!
    As for the speed monitoring I would be very happy to partake, perhaps from my drive and about 6am in the morning would be excellent and should catch a fair few people. It might be an idea not to spread the news about.
    I look forward to being at the September meeting.

    • northlophampc says:

      Hi Mrs Lewis

      I have noted your comments and will ensure that they are forwarded to the Parish Councillors. I recall that the Chairman also said at the meeting that all the necessary inspections have been carried out on all of the pig farms in Lopham of which there are several and that no problems were found.

      Just for the record I also live in the village not far from one of the farms and we have had almost no flies this year. No idea why, some years its been dreadful. Re the speedwatch this is not actually run by the Parish Council but if you were serious about wanting to participate then I can put you in touch with the person running this. They are desperate for volunteers.

  2. Mrs J lewis says:

    Are the pig farmers informed before your inspection and who inspects them? The other pig farms are run quite differently to the one that is of concern.
    Yes I was serious about participating in the speed watch.

    • northlophampc says:


      The Parish Council don’t have anything to do with the inspections I believe it would be the Environment agency. I will try and find out and let you know. is the co-ordinator of the speedwatch which is not run by the Parish Council. If you are interested I am sure Nigel would love to hear from you. I will come back re the Farm inspections.

  3. Mrs J lewis says:

    Thank you for reply, but was Mr Nunn asked to leave the meeting when the pig farm issued was raised?

  4. Mrs J lewis says:

    He is a relation of Mr. Nunn the pig farmer so has an interest in the property concerned so should have been asked to leave it doesn’t matter that he is not a pig farmer or chairman of the world!!!

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