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Welcome to the North Lopham Parish Council Official website

 North Lopham is situated just off the A1066 through South Lopham.  The village has approximately 600 residents.

If you wish to find out more about the village and its history please take a look at the village websites and

Have you ever thought what your Parish Council is here to do?  The Council is made up of 7 members who all reside in North Lopham and represent the village on various matters.  We are effectively the third tier of local government answering to Breckland District Council and Norfolk County Council.  We meet at 7.30 p.m. bi monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at The Mess, St Andrews School.  The public are very welcome to attend these meetings and we encourage people to speak during the open forum which is part of each formal meeting.  We discuss a wide range of issues which directly affect the community and are responsible for such things as:

Upkeep of St Nicholas Churchyard
Dog bins and signs
The War Memorial
Maintenance of the footpaths and pond
Road signs and traffic calming

If you are interested in North Lopham come along to our meetings and have your say

Please leave a comment about the site or Lopham affairs.

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3 Responses to North Lopham Parish Council

  1. arthur folkard says:

    seems like there are few people just lately in kings head lane that think the pavement is a carpark which could incur a £70 fine not only that its blocking a walk way and partly blocking rear entrance to a garden if we need to drop of bits or pick up bits also it stops a disable scooter from getting in or out as the grass has to be used as ramp untill the concrete steps have been changed to a slope

    • northlophampc says:

      Dear Arthur
      I am sorry that that you are experiencing problems regarding parking. At the last Parish Council meeting Mike Tipple who is a Councillor who lives in Kings Head Lane (5th house down on the left) was asked to keep an eye on this and try and resolve any issues amicably. The problem is that of course the bungalows in The Close were never meant for family homes they were built to house local pensioners originally. Unfortunately in a house with 3 residents there are likely to be 3 cars and there is insufficient space. Perhaps if you have a word with Mike he might be able to assist. If not please attend the next meeting in July and we will discuss what might be done.

  2. arthur folkard says:

    Thanks for your reply the police have been imformed and the car was removed by the owener and and parked it on the road which caused more problems for people in the private houses preventing them from getting there cars our and large vans lorrys and farm trafic couldt get through there was a bit of shouting at the owener of the cars the next day and now they have moved them

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